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Our Softgels

Step into the realm of Mycodern’s Softgels, a fusion of science and customization tailored for your brand.

These gel capsules are a vessel for innovation, encapsulating a myriad of oils and liquids. From essential vitamins, potent minerals, to active ingredients and plant extracts, our Softgels deliver a concentrated dose of wellness.

Crafted with precision, they offer consumers a seamless way to integrate health into their daily routine. With Mycodern, redefine the standards of softgel supplements and let your brand shine

New product line in a 3 simple steps

Ingredient selection
Choice of packaking
Package design

Shapes & sizes

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(900 – 980 mg)

(1000 – 1100 mg)

(300- 330 mg)

(600 – 650 mg)

Popular active ingredients

Oils, vitamins, minerals, plant extracts and more.

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Omega 3
Black cumin oil
Viramin E
Evening primrose oil


150 ml / 200 ml / 250 ml / 400 ml / 500 ml PET bottles

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MOQ for custom recipe about 100 000 softgels

FAQ - Softgels

Check out the most frequently asked questions

The MOQ for our sofgel capsules is 100,000 pieces.

Yes, we do have ready formulations for CBD, Omega, Black Seed Oils and many more

It depends on the formulation, our typical lead time is around 8-10 weeks.

It is up to You how would You like to have it packed. We can pack softgels in:
- 100 ml or 200 ml bottles - or in BULK
- 1 kg transparent bags

Yes You can, however in case of changing of our ready formulas the MOQ will be the same as for the customized capsules.

Yes, our R&D department is here to help You create a unique recipe just for You!

We have 2 bottle sizes:
-100 ml and 200 ml

The bottles color are as follows:
- Brown
- Transparent
- White
- Green
- Black
- Blue

We have 2 capsule types with 2 different sizes:
OVAL 6 (300- 330 mg)
OVAL 12 (600 - 650 mg)
OBLONG 18 (900 - 980 mg)
OBLONG 20 (1000 - 1100 mg)

Depending on the type of oil used in softgels - the color are from light golden to dark brown

The temperature cannot be higher than 25 Celsius, since with the higher temperature the form of softgels can change. The product should be stored in dry places and without sunlight exposure.

Cooperation process in 5 easy steps


Meet with our team of experts to discuss and understand your unique product needs and vision.

Develop a formula

We craft a tailored formula, combining top-quality ingredients to meet your specifications.

Create a product

Using cutting-edge technology, we produce a product that perfectly mirrors your vision and quality standards.

Packaging design

We design packaging that emphasizes your product’s value and attracts customer attention.


We ensure fast and secure delivery of the finished products straight to your warehouse or point of sale.

Certificates & standards

At our company, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards in production and have obtained various certifications to demonstrate our commitment to quality and safety.

Good Manufacturing Praktice
Good Hygienic Practice
ISO 9001:2015
Vegan friendly
Made in EU
GMO free
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