ESPI Current Report, No. 2/2024, Conclusion of a framework agreement for the manufacture and supply of MYCODERN S.A. jelly products. (PLMDNPL00013)

The Management Board of Mycodern S.A. with its seat in Gdansk, Poland, “the Company”, informs that today it has entered into an agreement with an entity with its seat in Poland, “the Partner”, on the basis of which it will produce sugar-free vegan jelly beans for the Partner. The Company will produce and deliver jellybeans based on orders placed by the Partner, while the parties have not agreed on the size of both a single order placed, the size of orders at a given time, as well as the cyclicity of orders placed _the value of the first order placed by the Partner is PLN 142 thousand net_. The produced jellybeans will be signed with the Partner’s trademarks and trademarks. In addition, the Partner has the right to inspect the production process and product storage.

The agreement was concluded for an indefinite period of time, with the possibility of termination by either party under the conditions specified therein. The parties also agreed on the Company’s liability for damages related to delays in production and delivery, or possible defectiveness of delivered products.

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