ESPI Current Report, No. 18/2023, Entering into a framework agreement for the manufacture and supply of MYCODERN S.A. jelly products. (PLMDNPL00013)

12-10-2023 15:37:59 | Current | ESPI | 18/2023

Legal basis
Article 17 (1) MAR – confidential information.

Contents of the report:
The Management Board of Mycodern S.A. with its seat in Gdańsk _”Company”_ informs that today it has entered into an agreement with an entity with its seat in Poland _”Partner”_ on the basis of which it will produce sugar-free jellybeans for the Partner based on the Company’s recipes and specifications, prepared according to the assumptions presented by the Partner _exclusivity to produce jellybeans according to the agreed specifications exclusively for the Partner_. The Company will manufacture and deliver jellybeans based on orders placed by the Partner, however the parties have not agreed on the size of both a single order placed, the size of orders in a given period of time, as well as the cyclicity of orders placed _the value of the first order placed by the Partner is PLN 347,803 net_.
The agreement was concluded for an indefinite period of time, with the possibility of its termination by either party under the conditions specified therein.
The Company’s Management Board considered the above information as important, due to the Partner’s wide distribution network _drogerie_, which may have an impact on the increase of the Company’s financial results and improvement of the brand image and recognition on the market.

  • Bartosz Groth – President of the Management Board

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