Management Board of Mycodern S.A. based in Gdańsk (“Issuer” “Company”), in reference to the report current EBI No. 22/2023 of October 11, 2023 in the scope of the decision taken by the Issuer’s Management Board resolution on increasing the share capital by closed subscription (subscription rights for existing shareholders) within the authorized capital, on Today, an announcement was published in the Court and Economic Monitor terms and conditions of the offer for the purchase of series E shares by existing shareholders and their implementation subscription rights. Detailed information regarding the conditions and procedure for purchasing series shares E and the required documents are posted on the Company’s website at: address: www.mycodern.com.

At the same time, the Issuer’s management board encloses a sample subscription form for series E shares and an information document that has been prepared to comply with the requirements provided for in Article 37a. Act on public offering and conditions of introduction financial instruments for organized trading and public companies.

In order to clarify the subscription procedure, the Issuer’s management informs that for each 1 share of the Company held at the end of the day of determining the pre-emptive rights, the shareholder is entitled to 1 unit pre-emptive right, with 10 individual pre-emptive rights entitling to take up 1 series E share. In the event that the number of series E shares allocated to a given shareholder under rights collection, will not be an integer, it will be rounded down to the nearest number total. The subscription form, a template of which is attached to this report, has three items in which they refer to the number of shares that the investor would like to take up.

In the item regarding the subscription based on the subscription rights held (Basic Subscription), in accordance with the proportion of pre-emptive rights to new issue shares, no more than 1/10 of the number of shares held on the subscription rights date. In the item regarding the Additional Subscription (also based on subscription rights) you can enter: any number of shares, but not greater than the number of all shares offered under this offer issue, i.e. no more than 6,385,317 shares.

In addition, the form includes an item titled: “Invitation of the Management Board to acquire Series E Shares”, which means that even persons who do not hold the Issuer’s shares on the subscription rights date will be able to declare willingness to take up shares that will not be allocated to shareholders under provisions resulting from the subscription rights held. To be sure to all investors Those interested in taking up shares as part of the Management Board’s invitation are advised to send a message with the completed registration form to the following address: [email protected].

If the holder of pre-emptive rights wants to subscribe for new issue shares Primary and Secondary, will be required to complete and submit an enrollment form through the house or brokerage office keeping the account in which they were kept saved and declare the number of shares he would like to take up and then pay immediately all these shares by making a transfer to your brokerage account.

The deadline for exercising the pre-emptive right is November 13, 2023, i.e. no later than a business day earlier the brokerage house or brokerage office must record the payment of the share subscription price. If the total number of subscriptions exceeds the available number of shares, a reduction will be made in proportion to the declarations contained in all submitted and paid forms subscription, and the funds from the investment account transferred by the brokerage house or office the shareholder’s brokerage fees for acquiring shares in the National Depository for Securities will be returned to his account brokerage.

– Bartosz Groth – President of the Management Board

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