EBI Current Report, No. 11/2023, Change in the publication date of separate and consolidated annual reports for 2022. MYCODERN Joint Stock Company (PLMDNPL00013)

19-06-2023 22:31:40 | Current | EBI | 11/2023

The Management Board of Mycodern S.A., headquartered in Gdansk, in reference to the current report EBI No. 1/2023 dated January 31, 2023, in which it provided the schedule for the publication of periodic reports in 2023, as well as EBI Reports No. 7/2023 dated May 31, 2023, 9/2023 dated June 5, 2023 and 10/2023 dated June 10, 2023, in which it announced changes to the Publication Dates of the annual reports of the Company’s unconsolidated and consolidated reports for 2022, hereby announces another change to the publication dates of these reports and the setting of a new date for their publication as June 30, 2023.

Legal basis: § 6 section 14.2 of Appendix No. 3 to the Regulations of the Alternative Trading System “Current and periodic information provided in the alternative trading system on the NewConnect market”.

  • Piotr Zawadzki – President of the Management Board

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